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Jet-ski advertising

ON March 1, 2022, we presented a formal letter to the City Council in which we requested that it removes as soon as possible all mention of jet-skis in any official advertising from the City Council and the Tourism Board of Almunécar.

We have asked for the removal of references in text, photo or video to jet-skis on websites, digital stands and other promotional videos or tools belonging to these official bodies.

For a sustainable, respectful and peaceful future we consider it necessary to convey images that reflect the beauty of our environment, what we want to preserve and the activities we want to encourage.

There is an infinite amount of fun but environmentally-friendly activities, and the promotional material of the Almuñecar Tourism Board normally reflects this.

However, we have noted with concern that in its current tourism campaign, some sequences/videos relate to using jet-skis.

These noisy machines are highly polluting and rejected by the vast majority of the residential and tourist population.

We consider that the Almuñécar-La Herradura municipality should be consistent with its own Tourism Sustainability Plan, and refrain from promoting such adverse activities as jet-skis in its advertising.

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